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I'm Jose Ansoleaga,

Ceo and Founder of Permallorca the best Permaculture Landscaping Business in Mallorca Island, promoting complex projects merging water erosion strategies with Regenerative Agroforestry as a way to Adapt our territory to Desertification.

I am also the geographer that collaborated with Ecosystem Restoration Camps in Spain with John Dennis Liu unifying Keylining Watershed and Regenerative Agroforestry.

From a very young age I have had a strong bondage with Nature. I lost my father when I was 14 and since then, i've been searching for inspiration in Wildeness, i inmersed myself deep Forest Mountains in NewZeland, South East Asia, Europe to North Africa.

I am a Life Explorer, a Father and a Human Regeneration Student. I have studied Geographical Master Science both in Spain, at the University Autonoma de Madrid, and at the University of Grenoble in France.

My main purpose with this free workshop is that more people can unify Permaculture Design and Finnancial Freedom  applying the method that I myself designed to achieve with my life and my enterpreneurships, creating 6 Figures in revenue, designing and implementing Food Forest and Permaculture Landscaping

The same method that has already helped me and my team, achieving high performance, autonomy, focus, financial freedom and professionalism well above the market average. generating a recurring income month after month and helped customers to live their famlly ecosystem regeneration..

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